As per the extant instructions, the Election Commission of India has to be kept informed of the progress of poll. The dissemination of information shall start from 05.4.2021 up to 07.4.2021 as per the following time limits specified.

I. 05.04.2021 (Pre Poll Day)

DEOs shall send these Reports.

1. Report regarding Dispatch of Polling Parties by 03 PM.
2. Report regarding Arrival of Polling Parties at Polling Stations by 06 PM.
(The above information shall be given in a Certificate as in Annex-I & Annex-II )

II. 06.04.2021 (Poll Day)

DEOs shall send reports a), b), c), f) & g). d) & e) shall be send by the ROs.

a) Mock Poll Started Report by 06.00 AM.
b) Completion of Mock Poll, Completion Certificate and Clearance of data of the Mock Poll from CU & Mock Poll slip from VVPAAT by 06.45 AM.
c) Report regarding commencement of the Poll (Start of Poll Report) by 07.30 AM.
d) Report regarding Two hourly Voter turnout for 09.00 AM, 11.00 AM, 01.00 PM, 03.00 PM, 05.00 PM shall reach this office by 09.15 AM, 11.15 AM, 01.15 PM, 03.15 PM and 05.15PM respectively.
e) Report regarding final Voter turnout by 07.30 PM.
f) Report regarding Close of Poll by 07.30 PM.
g) Report regarding Polling Party reaches at Collection Centre.
h) Report on Seizure at 1 PM by DEOs & Police (Annexure-C6)
i) Report on Seizure at 1 PM by Excise Department (Annexure-C8)
j) Report on Seizure at 1 PM by Incom Tax (Annexure-C9)
k) Report on Seizure at 1 PM by Police Department (Annexure-C10)

III. 07.04.2021 (Next Day after Poll)

Reports of Scrutiny of Form 17A and other documents:

The RO and Observer shall do the scrutiny with utmost care and shall submit a report to the Commission as soon as scrutiny is over (13.66.3). The scrutiny of Form 17A, Presiding Officers diary, Form 14A is required to be done on the day after poll and the Time fixed for the said scrutiny is 11.00 AM onwards under Videography.

IV. Statutory Reports in Annexure-47

The Reports in Annexure-47 of RO Handbook shall reach this office as per the following time line:
1st Report on 06.04.2021 by 12.30 Noon
2nd Report on 06.04.2021 by 07.30 PM
3rd Report on 07.04.2021 by 06.30 AM

V. Reporting Adjournment of Poll, if any

1) Whenever the poll is adjourned at any polling station, the Presiding Officer is required to report it to the Returning Officer who shall forthwith report the matter to the Commission for further directions.
The Report shall be sent in Annexure-32 of RO Handbook.
2) All reports in this regard shall send through the email ID polldayreporting@gmail.com
3) The Returning Officers shall be ensured to update data in the Poll Manager App delinquently. In case of any failure in Poll Manager App, the ROs shall collect the voter turnout from the Sectoral Officers concerned and update the same in the Google Spread Sheet which is communicated from this office to DEOs.

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