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Duty Leave For BLO
Duty Leave for Booth Level officers
Final Electoral roll for the year 2017 with respect to 01.01.2017 as qualifying date has been published

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SSR -2016 Voters Outreach Initiatives
eVoter-Mobile App
“A Stitch in time saves nine”
A Voters awareness initiative
From the Desk of CEO, Kerala.
S.M.S facility
Voters can verify whether their names figure in the voters list through S.M.S. For this, the following message in the format

may be sent to
Your EPIC No should be entered exactly as shown in the Elector Photo Identity Card.
Online Registration of Booth Level Officers
Registration of applications for appointment of officers as Booth Level Officers (BLOs) for helping the public to enroll, shift, make corrections and delete names in the Electoral Rolls has started.Applicants can apply online through the facility available in the Chief Electoral Officer's web site.

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